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Luxury meets Caribbean authenticity

We design itineraries that merge luxury with authentic experiences with a focus on:


Nature on our Islands is unique and important but it is also vulnerable. It is our mission to ensure that each person that visits the Caribbean experience the beauty of our nature but also feel a sense of personal responsibility to take care of our home. We are committed to curating experiences that help you become one with nature while having low impact on the environment.


We are extremely proud of our vibrant culture. It makes us who we are, and it shows you our unique identities. Our different music, customs, languages and cuisine are all beautifully blended in a melting pot with a dash of zest and that makes us – Caribbean! We'll take you deep into our culture so you can create forever memories with your loved ones.


We are proud to say that the Caribbean is home to some of the friendliest and kindest people. We present you with the fulfilling opportunity to partake in experiences crafted by Caribbean people and to directly connect with our communities. HERA works intimately with local tourism professionals to curate genuine experiences that each person can enjoy.

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